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Lab Test at Home

We understand that a physician cannot diagnose everything through the telehealth services channel. Even the in home visit benefits are limited to an extent. Before prescribing a treatment for critical problems, we may need your blood sample, urine, or other fluid samples. Visiting a local lab, waiting in queues for sample submission and then waiting for hours or days to collect the report is no longer going to trouble you. Grace Medical has streamlined all this hectic process smartly from the comfort zone of your home. 

We keep lab test at home procedures as convenient as possible with our house collection facility. An authorized lab sample collection expert will be sent to your location with the required equipment. The reports will be delivered to your email address as well as the doctor who is diagnosing. It is a simple and straightforward process. Let’s get familiar.

How can you order an online lab test at home?
In the “make An Appointment” section, you will find the option of “House call Appointment”. Along with routine checkups, this service channel also works for lab sample collection. Below are the four main lab test at-home categories we conduct:-

  • General wellness package
  • Sexual Health
  • Urine Drug Screen Panel
  • Flu, Covid 19 Antigen & Covid PCR Testing

Once you book a home appointment for lab tests, a professional will be assigned to collect samples. We send these samples to the most credible laboratories in the USA i.e. Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics.

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How long does it take for lab test results?
Along with assuring great comfort and accuracy, we also believe in delivering results in the fastest possible way. Once the lab technicians critically examine your samples and create a detailed report, it will be instantly delivered to your email address.

Moreover, you will get telephonic assistance directly from us. We analyze the sample test reports and explain them to you in simplified terms. On the basis of your report results, we prescribe medicines, therapies and various other crucial instructions.
Currently, Grace Medical is offering lab test at home facilities only in Orleans and St. Tammany Parishes regions.

Available Lab Tests

Wellness Package

Includes CBC, CMP, HbA1c, Lipid Panel, TSH/T4, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12

Sexual Health

Includes urine tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomonas. Blood testing: HIV, Hep C, and HSV. Includes any prescription medications.

Urine Drug Screen Panel

FDA Approved Collection Device, Paperwork completed & Faxed to Employer if needed.

Flu, Covid 19 Antigen & Covid PCR Testing

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